Job Related InjuryReceiving treatment for a job related injury can be a challenge. If you have been injured on the job, the company you work for may have Workers Compensation Insurance that will pay for your chiropractic care. You should know that your company may want you to go to doctors recommended by the insurance company. This may not be in your best interest for obvious reasons.

Hall Chiropractic offers a FREE no obligation consultation and exam and while you are receiving the exam our insurance department will research the type of insurance you have and its coverage benefits. We are patient advocate doctors.  We have developed strong working relationships with members of all health care specialties so that we can provide a total multidisciplinary approach to health care. Our goal is to use every bit of human knowledge and science at our disposal for the restoration and maintenance of health to our patients.

According to the Official Disability Guidelines (Texas workers compensation treatment guidelines)  Chiropractic  is a recommended as an option. Medical evidence shows good outcomes from the use of manipulation in acute low back pain.

Chiropractic care is recognized for workers compensation. We can be your treating doctor. If you were injured on the job and not receiving the respect and care you deserve call hall. 512-454-4072