Chiropractic For Auto Accident Injuries

If you’ve had an auto accident with injury and you weren’t at fault you have the right to get well. It’s the responsibility of the other person and his or her auto insurance company to pay for your chiropractic care. You may also be entitled to compensation for your injury. We will be happy to advise you of your options.

Whiplash is not the best of terms because it describes a mechanism of injury and not the condition which usually includes neck and back pain, headache, pain in the extremities, dizziness, blurred vision, difficulty concentrating, etc.

The injury is most frequently associated with a motor vehicle collisions although there are other ways of suffering a whiplash without a motor vehicle.

Perhaps the most important finding is that researchers have discovered by conducting actual rear-end impact crashes at low speeds is that the human volunteer experiences 2.5 times the acceleration of the car itself, which goes a long way toward explaining why a person can be injured when there is no visible damage to the vehicle. MORE THAN HALF OF ALL WHIPLASH INJURIES OCCUR IN CRASHES IN WHICH THERE IS LITTLE OR NO DAMAGE TO THE VEHICLE.

According to Dr. Arthur Croft, Director of Spine Research Institute of San Diego, CA. a whiplash injury occurs in 4 phases and in less than 1/10th of a second.


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