ArthritisPerhaps you’ve been to your family doctor complaining of back or neck pain. He sends you out for x-rays and has you come back for the report. The doctor says “You’ve got degenerative disc and joint disease of your spine. You’re getting older. Live with it. Take these pills. Go away!” or words to this effect.

Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be this way. Here is the situation: A joint is meant to move; if it doesn’t 2 things are happening and they are both bad. First, if the joint is not moving the soft tissues of the joint swell and that causes irritation of nerve fibers and pain.

Secondly, if a joint doesn’t move, nature is taking it away from you. The taking away of a joint is arthritis. It’s not normal aging. It’s what happens when a joint doesn’t function properly. Because of the pain you use the joint even less. Now the degeneration cycle is started.

The good news: We treat many people in your condition and get good results if the patient has patience with themselves and doesn’t expect their body to respond in 3 days what took 7-10 years to create.

The key is 2 fold: F irst to restore as much motion as possible to the joints of the spine, the knee, ankle, wrist, shoulder or what have you.

Secondly, we need to put into the joint the nutritional substances your body needs to rebuild and restore the cartilage and that calls for nutritional supplementation, but not any supplement because they are not all the same. At Hall Chiropractic we have what I believe is the world’s best nutritional supplement for supporting the joints of the body. It’s what I take because I deserve it.

At Hall Chiropractic we treat this syndrome in a variety of ways but always with the age and condition of the patient and a desire to be gentle. We use flexion distraction technique, activator technique, interferential, ultrasound, cold laser and hydrotherapy table among others.