Foot & Ankle ProblemsHow much do you weigh? Multiply your weight by 3 and that is how many pounds of force exerted to your foot each step you take! No wonder our feet hurt.

We have 26 bones in our foot that provide the frame work. Ligaments, muscles and tendons keep the bones stable and control movement . The plantar fascia is a fibrous band on the bottom of the foot that supports the arch. Any one of these structures can be injured in a trauma or by repetitive stresses over time.

We treat a surprising large number of patients with foot pain at Hall Chiropractic and often get dramatically fast results.

With heel pain the problem is often with the position of calcaneous (heel bone) with the bone on top of it called the talus.
Great results are obtained with diversified extremity adjusting technique, activator technique, cold laser, interferential and ultrasound.