Knee PainThe knee is a hinge joint and its main motion is flexion and extension between the bones of the knee on 2 pads of cartilage called the meniscus that prevents the bones from rubbing on each other. There are 4 ligaments that hold the bones together; 2 on the sides and 2 on the inside. The Quadriceps and Hamstring muscles and their tendons attach around the knee and move the leg.

The iliotibial band is a fibrous structure running down the sides of the leg and attaching at the knee. Any one of these structures or combination of them can be the cause of pain in the knee.

To determine the cause an orthopedic knee exam is done as part of the free consultation and exam procedure. Once the diagnosis is determined the proper treatment or referral can be recommended. Non-surgical knee injuries respond to diversified extremity adjusting technique, activator technique, cold laser, interferential and ultrasound.