Neck PainOf course trauma can damage the soft tissues in the neck and back which are heavily innervated with nerve fibers; particularly, the muscles, ligaments, discs and joints. Or, overtime the normal shape of the cervical and lumbar spine can be altered from accidents or muscle spasms caused by chronic mental stress. Lastly physical activities and positions that cause the body to improperly “hang” on the spine for a prolonged time can be a frequent cause of neck and back pain. As they say in Spanish its La Vida Loca, the crazy life!

Researchers report in the British Medical Journal compared the cost effectiveness of neck pain by chiropractic care, traditional physical therapy, and medical care for 183 people The results of the study was that people treated with chiropractic got better faster and at a lower cost than more traditional treatment. You owe it to yourself to try the treatment that has been shown to be more effective for you by a FREE chiropractic consultation and exam.