PregnancyLet’s face it, being pregnant is stressful! Increasing weight and size of the baby puts incredible stress on the spine’s joints and it’s three shock absorbing curves, leading to pain in the back. It may also put pressure on the sciatic nerve leading to pain or numbness in the legs. As the pregnancy progresses, hormones cause the ligaments in the pelvis to loosen making it more moveable in anticipation of delivery. This also can irritate the nerves in the low back.

We have had many referrals over the years at Hall Chiropractic from obstetricians who understand that chiropractic care is a natural, drugless way to help their patients through this special, but stressful and uncomfortable time in their lives. Our treatment protocols are gentle and non forceful. They are modified as the delivery date approaches.

Many patients state that their post chiropractic delivery was much easier than the ones before they had experienced chiropractic care.

Our pregnant patients respond well to diversified adjusting technique in the early stages as well as activator technique when their delivery date approaches. They love the intersegmental traction and hydrotherapy tables in the therapy department.