StressLife as no one needs to tell you, is difficult. We all have a “tough row to hoe”.

There are physical stresses such as accidents, over activities, under activities (excessive sitting around, computer time, motorized travel).

There are mental stresses such as anger, anxiety, frustration and depression.

There are chemical stresses from the pollution of the air we breath, the water we drink and the food we eat.

There are thermal stresses from going from a 78 degree temperature inside our house to a 106 degree temperature outside.

All these stressors are cumulative in nature.

Researchers have formulated the idea of an imaginary health scale called the HEALTH INDEX SCALE that we are all placed upon at birth. Some of us are healthy at birth and high on the scale, some are not so healthy and some, unfortunately are born ill.

After birth we are either staying in place on the scale, increasing our good health or lowering our position and becoming unhealthy.

There’s a point on this imaginary scale call the THRESHOLD OF DYSFUNCTION. It’s the point on the scale where the body’s defense mechanism becomes overwhelmed, unable to protect us, we are no longer “at ease”; we are in a state of “dis ease”.

It’s the stressors of life that lowers us on the health index scale toward dysfunction and illness.
The good news is this: It’s not normal to get sick if we help the body to be strong through proper exercise, proper nutrition, unpolluted drinking water and air for breathing, sleep and keeping the body mechanically functioning as it was designed.
This last ingredient is where chiropractic comes into play. When people ask me, “Dr. Hall, what is a chiropractor?” I answer, “a chiropractor is a specialist in the motion of the body as it relates to the nerves”. Its all about restoring and maintaining normal function of the joints in the body.

The unfortunate thing that can’t be done is stopping the stresses in our life that create physical dysfunction in the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

The stresses create a cycle that goes like this: The stress cause muscle tension and spasm. The muscle spasms cause the joints that normally move to stop moving. When a joint stops moving its soft tissues swell and irritate nerve fibers causing pain. The pain causes the person to stop using the joint even more which causes even more muscle spasm. The nerves that are irritated go to the muscles and make them spasm even more. So now the cycle is complete and just keeps going around and around.

The scary thing is that there’s a second thing that happens when the joint stops functioning. It starts degenerating. This degeneration is what we call arthritis.

So my job as a chiropractor is to find the joints of the body that are not functioning properly. (This is done through a procedure called Motion Palpation). We put them back in motion and use various therapies to insure healing of the surrounding supporting structures.

What can’t be done is stopping the stresses in life and the return of the cycle.

That’s why everyone is a chiropractic patient even if they don’t know it. It’s also why we have the Hall Chiropractic Stress Relief Program for our patients so they can stay well once they get well. It’s the program Dr. Hall is on and has been since he was three years old.