Testimonials“I have been seeing Dr. Hall for back and neck problems since 1983. He truly loves what he is doing and it shows. His careful and effective adjustments keep me feeling much younger than my 78 years and I look forward to my visits to Hall Chiropractic on West Anderson Lane. I have always been treated with caring and courteous professionalism by him and his entire staff. Kudos to each and every one of you!”

“Dr. Hall has been healing to me and my family. I take my sons to him when they have a spained ankle and it heals so much quicker. I have been seeing him for Chiropractic care for quite a few years and he spends the time with me to anser my questions. He keeps me and my husband in much better health and feeling good. When my husbands slipped disc acts up all he has to do is get an adjustment by Dr. Hall to pull thru it.”

“I have been a patient of Dr. Hall for about 6 years. I first went to see him due to a minor scoliosis problem that I had since early teenage hood. He put me in his maintenance program allowing me to assist once a week from a very convenient price.
I am truly blessed to have found his clinic because his adjustments as well as Dr. Gallahar’s are truly releasing me from pain and discomfort that accumulate on my spine and neck from time to time. He and his staff deserves the public recognition of being one of the best chiropractic clinics of the city of Austin.”

“I have been a patient of Dr. Hall for a number of years. I started going to Dr. Hall when I realized that when I got up in the morning out of bed, with extreme pain, and could barely move. When I went to see him, he took excellent care of me, he did some tests and took some x-rays, and after reviewing all my tests and x-rays, informed me that I had a pinched nerve in my back. He has been treating me from the moment I walked into his office, and when my husband, William, was involved in an accident, he started going to Dr.Hall also. Dr. Hall and his staff take great care of everyone that come through his doors. Thank you Dr. Hall.”

“I first went to Dr. Hall in 1986 after having many sleepless nights with back spasms and increasing difficulty with any kind of movement. After X-rays Dr. Hall found a disc problem and said he could help me. I told him I wanted to be able to play golf, go hiking, and be able to lift up my grandchildren.
After a series of adjustments and other therapies I have been able to do all these things and more. I ended up back-packing around the world, climbing mountains, playing golf and jogging, and playing with my grandkids. I no longer pick them up as they are now too big!!
I am now on his maintenance program and am extremely satisfied with the service I receive. It is reasonably priced and my weekly visits are friendly and efficient. I have never waited longer than 10-15 minutes to see a doctor and I have never smelled smoke in his office or therapy rooms.
I would (and have in the past) recommend Dr. Hall to anyone who is experiencing back pain.”

“When I first went to Hall Chiropractic I had lost a week of work and could barely get out of bed. I have had a bad back since 1974 and I would lose about 2 weeks of work every year with it. After my initial treatment I started their Wellness program of weekly visits and never missed a day of work for back problems and retired in 2005. I am 60 now and still in the Wellness program. I feel that Dr. Hall and his staff has kept me from a lifetime of pain. It’s hard to put a price on that!”

“First off, I have been attending Dr. Hall for over 12 years and go nearly every week and have never smelled any cigarette smoke. The furniture was replaced a couple years ago, so it is still fairly new. The carpet is a bit old but it is keep clean. The equipment they use is always in excellent condition, often replaced.
Now, for what really matters, when I came to Dr. Hall many years ago I was walking askew and could not play sports anymore. My lower back was so out of place that the pain kept me in a laying position quite often.
After many visits (once per week) overtime my back began to recover. Twelve years later I now play baseball with my son and volleyball with my daughter with little to no pain at all depending on how many visits I miss. I don’t walk askew anymore… Thank God for Dr. Hall!”

Source: http://austin.citysearch.com/